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We are Zabava Band - always and only live music

Zabava Band

Zabava Band has been repeatedly recognized by the fans and highly regarded by the customers as one of the best music group of Ukrainian Diaspora.

Zabava Band is an experienced, dedicated, professional team, presenting a unique combination of Ukrainian melodic songs, folklore and powerful American rock.

We are providing versatile and energetic music for colorful and memorable weddings as well as many other types of family banquets, performances at festivals and music for fun dance parties
(main condition of which is ALWAYS live sound).

Zabava Band is always generating great interest and
positive feedback.

Here is a picture of us, very happy, playing at last wedding.

Come See our Band:

Zabava Band will be playing:

Heritage Festival, Yonkers, NY - June 18-19, 2016

Soyuzivka Dance Party - June 25, 2016

Soyuzivka Dance Party - July 23, 2016

SYM, Passaic, NY - Celebrating 65th Anniversary - Nov 12, 2016

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Soyuzivka Resort - looking forward to playing there soon !